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Most cars are built to last, particularly more modern makes and models. However, this doesn’t mean they’re impervious to damage! Your vehicle can still develop issues that will affect its performance, but you can prevent these issues and fix them when they do arise by hiring experts like Irving Auto Repair Services. We are based in Irving, TX, and we provide our customers with a top-tier auto service. Book an appointment with our team now!

What We Offer

Automotive Repair

Automotive Repair
We fix damaged brakes, transmissions, radiators, suspension systems, and more, and we can restore the functionality of your car and make it roadworthy again. Use our professional repair services now!

Imported Car Repair

Imported Car Repair
 With our expertise in imported car repairs, we're the right team to call if you're having issues with your imported vehicle and need help with fixing it. Know more about this repair service by calling us.

Scheduled Automotive Maintenance

Scheduled Automotive Maintenance
Aside from working on car repairs, we also help vehicle owners with their maintenance tasks. Keep your car in great working condition by taking advantage of our scheduled automotive maintenance service.

Automotive Performance Upgrade

Automotive Performance Upgrade
Want to upgrade your vehicle and improve its performance? Contact us now! We work on automotive performance upgrades and we can take your car's functionality to the next level with modern enhancements.

Automotive Air Conditioning Service

Automotive Air Conditioning Service
Enjoy comfortable car rides at all times by ensuring that your vehicle's air conditioning system is always working. If you're having problems with it, have the unit inspected and repaired by our team.

Automotive Electrical Repair

Automotive Electrical Repair
 Electrical problems are some of the most common issues of car issues and breakdowns. If you have noticed any problem in your vehicle's electrical components, call our electrical repair experts today.

Ignition System Repair

Ignition System Repair
Make car startups smooth and stress-free by maintaining your vehicle's ignition system and having it fixed ASAP when issues arise. Learn more about ignition system repair by getting in touch with us.

Towing Service

Towing Service
If your car has broken down and is unsafe to drive, make sure to use our reliable towing service. Simply give us a call and we'll be at your location to tow your vehicle to our facility or to your home.

Fleet Purchase Inspection

Fleet Purchase Inspection
We have extensive experience in fleet inspections, and we use our expertise to help our customers make the right decisions and get their money's worth. Let our fleet purchase inspectors assist you today!

Why Hiring Car Repair Experts Is a Must

Many car owners choose to repair and maintain their vehicles all by themselves, and there’s nothing wrong with doing so. However, working on auto AC repair and other tasks isn’t easy since it requires advanced skills and tools plus plenty of time and labor, which is why hiring car repair professionals like us is always recommended. With our help, you can keep your car in good condition without going through the stress and hassle of DIY repairs and maintenance.

How We Deliver Our Car Care Solutions

We use advanced methods to fix, maintain, and upgrade vehicles according to industry standards. We’ve also invested in modern tools that make auto repair processes much easier to tackle and allow us to finish our tasks as quickly as possible — without compromising on quality. By choosing Irving Auto Repair Services, you can expect to get excellent results in a fast and efficient way.

The Areas That We Serve

We’re primarily based in Irving, TX, but this doesn’t mean that we only help car owners within the city. We also offer our mobile auto repair solutions to customers in the surrounding areas, such as:

  • Highland Park Town, TX
  • Highland Village, TX
  • Addison Town, TX
  • Lewisville, TX
  • Trophy Club Town, TX

Irving Auto Repair Services is the right company to call if you need a reliable mobile car service in Irving, TX. Contact our team today!

Client Testimonials

by Daniel Gonzalez on Irving Auto Repair Services
Very Reliable

I've used their mobile car service twice and I'm really impressed with their work. They responded to both calls right away and repaired my car as quickly as they could. They're definitely the first people I call for car repairs since I know how reliable they are.

Irving Auto Repair Services
Irving, TX 75062
Phone: (214) 710-1335

  • Automotive Repair
  • Imported Car Repair
  • Scheduled Automotive Maintenance
  • Automotive Performance Upgrade
  • Automotive Air Conditioning Service
  • Automotive Electrical Repair
  • Ignition System Repair
  • Brake Repair
  • Suspension Repair
  • Transmission Repair
  • Radiator Repair
  • Battery Replacement
  • Catalytic Converter Replacement
  • Towing Service
  • Fleet Purchase Inspection

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